• Drainage Pump with Vehicle

High mobility

  • Everything needed for pumping is mounted on the vehicle, including ultralight submersible pumps which can be easily handled and moved manually by hands. Therefore, it will be operational promptly after arriving at sight.

Wide product change

  • Discharging capacity could be selected from 60m3 to 20m3, depending on various flooded conditions.

Original ultralight submersible pump

  • Pump in the unit is compact and light with 3 models, Extra-low Water Level Suction Model, High Capacity Model and High Lift Model.


  • Flood Control


60m3 Drain Pump Vehicle
(convertible to 30m3 with high head)

30m3 Drain Pump Vehicle
(convertible to 15m3 with high head)

20m3 Drain Pump Vehicle
(8 tonnes truck type)

20m3 Drain Pump Vehicle
(convertible to 10m3 with high head)


60m3/min (H=10m / in Parallel Operation)

30m3/min (H=20m / in Serial Operation)


22 tons vehicle
(Total vehicle weight: approx. 17,300 kg)


Submersible Motor Pump (φ200mm) x 12 sets
Capacity per pump:  5.0m3/min (10m)
Capacity per pump:  2.5m3/min (20m)
Weight per 1 pump:  35 kg (not including cables)


Generator (300 kVA)

Major Accessories

Hose, Halogen Lighting, Float etc.


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Drainage Pump with Vehicle

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