• DF-V

Saving installation cost

  • The motor is installed on the discharged elbow and so the pump requires less space than for the horizontal type thereby reducing installation costs.

High reliability

  • The motor is installed at a high elevation making it safe from flooding even during times of emergency.
  • Because the impeller is located in the water, pump is free from cavitation and can lift water from deep wells, which is not possible with horizontal pump.
  • Kubota's Vertical Mixed Flow Pump has a rising characteristic (H vs. Q) from run out flow to no-flow condition and can lift water even when the head fluctuates. Pump operation is very quiet over a wide range of flows.

Easy operation

  • Automatic operation is very simple because the impeller is submerged and priming devices such as a vacuum pump are not required.
  • Unlike for axial flow pumps, shut-off operation is possible at start-up.


  • City Water Supply
  • Flood Control
  • Petrochemical Industry
  • Power Plant
  • Sewage Treatment Plant
  • Steel Industry


Suction Bell

FC200 / 2% NiFC / SCS13

Discharge Bowl

FC200 / 2% NiFC / SCS13


CAC402 / SCS13 / SCS14


S45C / SUS403 / SUS 304 / SUS316 / SUS316L

Packing Sleeve

SUS403 / SUS304 / SUS316 / SUS316L / SCS2 / SCS13 / SCS14 / SCS16

Casing Ring

CAC406 / SUS403 / SUS304 / SUS316

Shaft Enclosing Tube

SGPW / SUS304 / SUS316 / SUS316L

Pump Specifications

Installation Place

Indoor, Outdoor
(Option) ASTM, ANSI and other standard

Pump Location
In the sump
Connecting Flange

Bore 300mm or less:  JIS 10Kgf/cm2 FF or JIS 20Kgf/cm2 FF

Bore 350mm or less:  JWWA Standard FF or JIS 10Kgf/cm2 FF

Direction of Discharge


Method of Installation
1 Floor or 2 Floor System
Pump Rotation Direction (As viewed from driven)
Impeller System
Open or Closed Impeller
Number of Stages

Less than 300mm:  1~3 Stages
300~700mm:  1~3 Stages
800mm and over:  1 Stage


Fresh Water, Sewage Water, Sea Water and Similar Liquid


Temperature of Liquid:  0~65℃
Atmospheric Temperature:  -20℃~40℃
Anti-Freeze treatment is required for use at temperatures below 0℃

Support Method for Pump Axial Thrust
On Pump or On Driver

Submerged Bearing is water lubricated
Thrust Bearing is oil bath lubricated

Shaft Sealing
Gland Packing
Suction Bore
200mm ~ 4,200mm
4m3/min ~ 27m3/min
Total Head
5m ~ 150m

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  Vertical Mixed Flow Pump: DF-V (English)


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