• DS-VV (Low Head)


  • Unlike conventional mixed flow type pumps, the casing does not have a guide vane.
  • Moreover, the impeller is of the semi-open type with no shrouds and is equipped with a small number of vanes. Flow spaces are, therefore, large and the pump is almost free from clogging by impurities or solids contained in the water.

Safe operation over a wide range of heads

  • The pump maintains high efficiency over a wide range of heads and is designed not to operate excessively beyond the maximum output of the prime mover.

Simple maintenance and inspection

  • The pump is light, compact and of simple construction.
  • The casing and suction bend have windows to facilitate interior inspection.
  • The bearings are grease (or oil) lubricated and are not in contact with the water. They are, therefore, extremely durable.
  • Pressurized fresh water supply ports are provided at the shaft seal to extend the life of the sleeve and gland packing.
  • The suction liner which forms the impeller shroud is made of wear resistant material and can be replaced・simply by removing the suction bend.
  • The gap between impeller and suction liner can be adjusted from outside by turning the bearing nut on top of the main shaft. This eliminates the need to dismantle the pump.


  • Irrigation
  • Sewage Treatment Plant



FC200 / FC250


FC200 / SCS


S45C / SUS


CAC406 / SUS

Casing Ring

FC200 / SUS

Pump Specifications

Sewage Water
Liquid Temperature

0℃ ~ 80°C

Ball Bearing / Roller Bearing
Bearing Lubrication
Grease / Oil
Shaft Seal

Gland Packing / Mechanical Seal

Suction Bore
300mm ~ 4,600mm
10m3/min ~ 3,000m3/min
Total Head
3m ~ 40m

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  Verticle Shaft Volute Type Mixed Flow Pump: DS-VV [Low Head] (English)

DS-VV (Low Head)

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