• Testing Dryer

Satake's Testing Mill is a compact machine that can be used to determine approximate total milling recovery in the grain whitening process. This machine is widely used throughout the world, in laboratories, research stations and educational institutions.


  • Safe and silent semiconductor heater
    The dryer's semiconductor heater has high thermal efficiency and the temperature is easy to adjust. The heater allows the machine to run safely and silently.
  • Safe and easy independent excessive drying prevention function
    A timer is installed for each sample box. Drying stops automatically when the preset time is over (TDR24E, 48E).
    An automatic moisture meter is installed for each sample box. Drying automatically stops when the moisture reaches the set value (TDR48MB).
    The moisture value can be checked on the monitor display without opening the sample box during drying.
  • Clean, self-contained system
    This machine is completely self-contained and does not generate dust, even when used in a confined such as a laboratory. This machine can be used in whatever location is most convenient for the user.

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  Testing Dryer: TDR24F ・ TDR48F (English)

Testing Dryer

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