• Semi Automatic Packer

Satake Semi-Automatic packer SAP type is a compact semi-automatic packer for use with ready-made individual bag. Signal touch operation provides highly accurate weighing by use of advanced electronic technology, digital display, etc.


  • Automatic control by microcomputer
    Highly sensitive load-cells provide very accurate weighing. A three stages feed to the weight hopper having large, medium and “dribble” flows, each of which are adjustable by microprocessor. An extremely accurate vibratory feeder used for the “dribble” feed which provides the highest accuracy of weight control in the package.
  • Simple operation and digital display
    Just touch on touch panel for setting between 1 kg and 20 kg for SAP20SA, 10 kg and 60 kg for SAP60SA. An electronic computation mechanism automatically performs a highly accurate weighing. Setting weighed value, actual weights and the number of measurements are digitally displayed on the front panel.
  • Space saving design
    The compact design minimizes space requirements. Operation is from carried out from the front only. No access space is required from the rear and sides.

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  Semi Automatic Packer: SAP20SA ・ SAP60SA (English)

  Semi Automatic Packer: SAP20SA ・ SAP60SA (Khmer)

Semi Automatic Packer

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