• Paddy Husker

Satake has incorporated its unique technologies into the New Paddy Husker HR10DDF for superior performance.


  • No Roll Reversal
    The Paddy Husker incorporates an Idler Switching System. The main and counter shaft speeds can be automatically interchanged. With the Idler Switching System and Automatic Adjustment, the new husker automatically stabilizes husking efficiency, as a result reversing the rubber rolls within their usable lifetimes is no longer necessary.
  • Automatic Adjustment
    The Paddy Husker is equipped with an electronic regulator to ensure peak performance. It automatically adjusts the pressure of the roll air and maintains an optimum husking efficiency.
  • Timely Notification System
    When the rubber rolls run out, sensors control the alarm and stop the machine automatically.
  • Immature Grain Outlet Available
    A Model equipped with or an outlet for immature grains is also available.
    HU10DDF + HA10DFA = Without outlet for immature grains
    HU10DDF + HA10DFB = With outlet for immature grains.
  • Simple Operation
    The new Paddy Husker is controlled by an easy-to-use touch panel.
  • Easy maintenance and cleaning
    Careful design consideration has been given to ease of maintenance and cleaning.

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  Paddy Husker: HR10DDF-T (English)

  Paddy Husker: HR10DDF-T (Khmer)

Paddy Husker

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