• Paddy Husker

Satake, total food engineering company, showcases more unique technologies in the form of a Paddy Husker HR10FHF-T. Making sue of some of Satake's latest technologies helps achieve the highest levels of performance and functionality.


  • Roll Cooling Fan
    A roll cooling fan extends the rubber rolls life time. This fan aspirates the air from the roll section, preventing rises in temperature. It also aspirates the dust, and reduces the damage to the roll.
  • Automatic Lubrication
    Grease is automatically supplied to the moving shaft section. Inadequate greasing can damage the shaft and cylindrical bearing, and can also cause the tension arm to stick. The automatic lubrication system helps avoid these problems.
  • Air Cylinder Tension System
    The installed air cylinder facilitates easy adjustment of belt tension by means of an air regulator valve. This system makes for more stable and smooth movement of tension arm.
  • Feeder
    The vibration feeder, as proved in the color sorter machines, is introduced. It simultaneously provides smooth, consistent feed along with and high throughput. It is equipped with a feeder volume control which helps the operator vary the product flow rate in a continuous linear manner.
  • Chute
    The chute is designed to be automatically controlled inn the most suitable orientation. It achieves this by maintaining the paddy on the chute in a uniform and consistent stream. Compared with other systems it offers improved husking efficiency and recovery.

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Paddy Husker

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