• Paddy Dryer System

Satake has innovated on dryer system for the best results and efficiency. 


  • Optimum Drying
    Satake has developed the concept of “Optimum Drying “ in its pursuit of total Engineering for the Grain Process. “Optimum Drying” consists of three objectives; to achieve higher yield, to dry rapidly and to dry effectively.
  • The Best Solution in Drying
    Satake AI Dryer gives you the best solution to the problems in drying by means of Satake’s original calibration formula and automatic control of hot air, circulation speed & air volume.
  • Paddy Dryer System
    Satake AI Dryer can be systemized to suit customer’s capacity requirements.
    5-unit per 1 system is available. By the system, energy produced by husk burner (option) is utilized efficiently.

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  Paddy Dryer: NSDR30 Series (English)

Paddy Dryer System

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