• Destoner

The SGA-B Destoner and SGA-A Gravity Selector both remove stones and appear outwardly the same but the flow of product within the machine is different making each specialized for its specific purpose.

Product entering the SGA-B Destoner is split across upper and lower destoning decks. Stones and a small amount of heavy product over tail the decks and fall onto a smaller, stoner deck below. The smaller, third, deck separates the stones from the heavy product.


  • Design & Construction
    Heavy Duty Construction, permanent lubrication, and easy access to the screens for cleaning or replacement.
  • Stone discharging and resort mechanism
    The discharged stones from the primary sieves contain some grains. This mixed fraction is sent to the secondary sieve by a pneumatic transfer system, using a built-in fan. Stones are concentrated and discharged.
  • Compact Design
    The vibratory drive eliminates the need for any pulleys, belts, eccentric bearings, etc.
  • Third Deck
    Very efficient as it allows heavy product to be recovered from the flow of stones.

Product Catalog

  Destoner: SGA5A-T・SGA10A-T・SGA15A-T (English)

  Destoner: SGA5B-T・SGA10B-T・SGA15AD-T (Khmer)

  Destoner: SGA5B-T・SGA10B-T・SGA15BD-T (English)


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