• Intake Drum Sieve

The Satake Revolving Screen Separator FDSA has been specifically designed for the separation of large impurities from free flowing materials at very high capacities.

The most common uses for the machine are grain pre-cleaning, high capacity screening of powdery material and the screening of animal feed products.

Used at the intake of grain silos, flour mills, feed mill and other processing utilities, it is ideally suited for the separation of material such as straw, string, paper, wood, maize cobs, stones etc. from the main product.

The Satake Drum Separator thus reduces the amount of wear and tear on the subsequent machinery in the processing plant while improving their efficiency and also ensures more hygienic bulk storage conditions for the product.


  • High capacity with excellent cleaning efficiency
  • Rugged, maintenance free design
  • Low space and power requirements
  • Easy installation
  • Rapid and simple screen replacement
  • Two piece drum for optimal performance size selection

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  Intake Drum Sieve: FDSA (English)

Intake Drum Sieve

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